Weed Vaporizers

Weed Vaporizers are devices that are designed specifically for use with marijuana and other THC derivatives and they work well instead of using traditional smoking devices such as bongs, chillums, and pipes.  Modern weed vapes such as the Wulf Mod pictured below are able to be used easily in one hand.  To power on your cheap weed vape pen all you have to do is simply unlock the battery by pressing the power button down five times consecutively.  The next step is to grind up your herbs into a fine consistency and then pack the herb chamber about 3/4 of the way full.

It’s smart to make sure that you don’t pack the herbs too much into the chamber of the portable herb vaporizer or else it might not work correctly.  Another thing to keep in mind when vaping weed with a device such as this is that you are going to have to clean it and maintain it regularly, otherwise it will become clogged with marijuana resin and will begin to decline in it’s efficiency.  If you want to learn more about how to vaporize weed with these small handheld devices then please keep on reading our blog, as we will be providing regular updates about this topic.

What Does A Weed Vape Look Like?weed vaporizer

Take a look at the picture to the right and you will be able to quickly realize exactly what a weed vaporizer looks like.  This particular one is designed to quickly and efficiently heat up and vaporize marijuana in the form of dry flower.  That’s what they refer to it as at the medical dispensaries.  Flower is sold by the weight and usually costs between $10 – $25 per gram.  Some dispensaries might have sales if you purchase your flower in bulk, such as by the ounce.

Vaporizing marijuana in your portable device is a fast way to improve your lung health, because you know that all of that bong and pipe smoke you’ve been inhaling has been rough on your lung tissue.  This is why weed vaporizers have recently become so popular in the past five to ten years, and they will likely continue to expand in popularity as this industry evolves.

Check out the video below to learn what it’s like when you first get into vaping weed, and what you can expect when you purchase your first vaporizer.