Portable Vaporizers

Portable Vaporizers are vaporizers that are designed with an internal battery inside that holds a charge, for the purposes of being able to vape your herbal blends, concentrates, or oils on the go.  If you are interested in buying a portable vaporizer for your own personal use then please keep on reading this article, because we’re going to be outlining all of the major benefits of using one of these amazing devices.  We will definitely be sharing as much content about these types of vaporizers on our blog, so please stay tuned to get the latest information and updates as they are posted out live.

Some of these devices like the Firefly 2 have been designed with extra large herb chambers and super fast heat up times to deliver stellar results to buyers throughout the industry.  One thing is for sure, the vaporizers of today are nothing like the units of ten years ago.  The technology has evolved at such a rapid pace that we aren’t really sure what to expect next in these coming years.  We will surely see a lot of new manufacturers enter the marketplace and throw their products in the ring.  One thing to keep in mind if you are a vape manufacturer in 2018 is not the question “can it be made” but “should it be made”.

Top Benefits Of Portable Vaporizers

  • Rechargeable.  Unlike desktop vaporizers which have to remain plugged into the wall outlet at all times, portable vaporizers are completely portable and rechargeable and can be transported with you wherever you decide to roam.
  • Easy to use and clean.  Larger vaporizer units can be difficult to clean because they are fitted with so many moving parts.  Portable units are much simpler to clean because they have less parts and they are easier to gain access to.
  • Affordable price point.  Again, unlike their much larger desktop vaporizer counterparts, portable vapes are much more affordable than these other types of devices.  Just make sure you are purchasing your products from an authorized vendor.
  • Larger herb chambers.  Portable vaporizers are typically fitted with much larger heating chambers when compared to Vaporizer Pens – http://www.xgearlive.com/vaporizers/vaporizer-pens/